10 Best Gifts This Holiday Season for Your Colleagues

Published: 03rd November 2010
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Giving gifts to colleagues is tricky because you want to show that you care but at the same time you do not want to appear to cross the line. Also, if you only say hi and hello when you meet at the lounge area, then how are you supposed to know what to give them?

Here are 10 best gifts this holiday season for your colleagues.

1. Laptop Bags. These are quite cool to give away, just select one design and give different colors to your colleagues.

2. USB gadgets. From Keyboard vacuum, to winter mittens, to small coolers. There are so many cute gadgets that run by simply attaching to your laptop. Make sure they are small enough to be stored in their drawer.

3. Desk Organizers. Ikea and MUJI have pretty cool and simple stuff for these. It would be a welcome treat for their busy desks.

4. Flowers. A set of fresh flowers is always nice to have no matter what the occasion is.

5. Coffee Set. You know how people like taking coffee in the office, it would be perfect!

6. A Set of Pens. Choose something classy, or you can have their initials monogrammed.

7. Books Related to Your Work. Latest editions or breakthrough in your field would surely be appreciated.

8. Paper Weights. You can choose designs that reflect your colleague's good traits.

9. Magazine Subscription. This is big but magazines offer holiday discounts for subscriptions meant to be given as gifts.

10. Seat Cushion or Neck Pillow. Your colleagues would love it, especially for small coffee or lunch breaks, they can now have a nice nap or chill out a bit.

If you still have troubles thinking of a gift, consider offering free gift cards instead to allow your recipient to choose the right gift for him or herself. For added flexibility, you may even offer cards that bear a Visa or MasterCard logo. This will provide more benefits for the eventual cardholder such as more stores to visit, more items to choose from and several ways to know existing balance. For instance, card holders may check their vanilla visa gift card balance either online or through phone.

These are just some gift ideas that you may consider when looking for a gift for your colleague this holiday season.

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